KAL Group: 1st November 2023

Rebrand to Gowan Home

After 42 years trading as KAL, we have decided that now is the perfect moment to create a new Brand Identity for our business. Over the last 6 months, supported by leading brand agency, Bradley, we have embarked on a rigorous rebranding project, with the dual aims of creating a new Company trading name that better represents the modern KAL Group and that also leverages the scale and strength of our parent Company, Gowan Group.

The result will see us evolving our brand name from KAL Group to now be known as;


The Modern KAL Group

When we began our business in 1981, we were originally distributing built-in appliances and sink systems for kitchens. Over the years we have evolved to become the exclusive distributor for 14 international brands. These brands are active across multiple product categories that can be found in almost every room in the house, including outdoors.




Gowan Home – Growing Global Brands Locally

Our rebrand to Gowan Home underlines our commitment to brands across these categories. Including the concept of ‘Home’ allows us to highlight more clearly our unique understanding of, and expertise in, these wider, dynamic product ranges. We believe that our new identity better describes how we can support our partners with one of the most comprehensive and exciting brand portfolio’s in the Irish market.

We have also introduced a new tagline as part of our new identity. ‘Growing Global Brands Locally’ captures our vision for growing international brands in the Irish market. As brand owners ourselves with NordMende, we have a unique insight into the workings of a successful brand in this marketplace. We’re more than just a distributor. We treat the brands we carry like our own and deliver success by offering a full suite of supports and services.

The inclusion of Gowan within our new name harnesses the strength of our parent, Gowan Group, and their commitment to elevating premium brands within the Irish marketplace. By aligning our name more closely with Gowan Group, we are creating a more cohesive and unified brand identity.


Investing for the Future

Our new brand identity represents a commitment to continuously develop the overall experience we offer our retail and brand partners. In line with the introduction of Gowan Home, we will be making a significant investment in our Advisory Centre and Training facilities in Citywest, Dublin. With the full support and resources of our parent group, we are positioned to continue to invest, develop and innovate new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the Home market. This will also see us continue to significantly invest in our operational capacity.